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I also photograph and blog about life as a young family including maternity and homebirth on my blog

Our photographers are Michelle Waters,
Feuza Reis and Natalia Bishop

Hey! I'm Allie and I want to know you.
I want to see you in real life, in real moments with real emotions.
I desire vulnerability. I crave authenticity.
I want to overstay my welcome.
I want to see you cry, laugh & completely forget I am in the room.
I don't want to be just another portrait and wedding photographer.

"I wish that I could show you,
when you are lonely or in darkness,
the ASTONISHING light of your own being."
- Hafiz

How often do we actually get to see ourselves the way our loved ones see us? I want to show you just how beautiful your life really is. I want to preserve your history, the way it really was.

My entire life has been messy. It's been raw and real and sometimes downright difficult. I don't remember a lot about my childhood. I don't want to remember it through polished Olan Mills portraits we had taken every year. I want to remember it in snapshots of myself at eight years old, playing catch or jumping on the trampoline. I want to see myself at sixteen, on a date with my future husband at Applebee's and remember how I thought I might throw up I was so excited and nervous. I want to see myself giddily swishing my dress back and forth as I said "to have and to hold, from this day forward" in the courtroom on February 22, 2008 as I married that boy. I want to see the mascara stains and messy hair and the sweat and blood as I pushed my baby daughter screaming into this world on April 3rd, 2010. I would probably still be grieving if I didn't have blurry cell phone photos of my adoptive mom holding my little girl on the couch as she battled pancreatic cancer. I want to remember the time in Ana's life when painting watercolor and playing with our stray turned house dog, Sam were everything. I want to see her on the beach, not sitting in front of a backdrop made to look like the sunset.

Life is not meant to be remembered merely in the way we look, but in the way we lived. I believe that portraits should be captured in the same messy, unpredictable way.

If twenty years from now you want to look back and remember exact moments, and feel the emotions flooding in because you have a photograph of yourself ugly crying as you walk down the aisle or of the very real moments as you waited for your baby to take her first breath on her own... then we need to talk. Please click contact and tell me what you desire to remember about your life.

I primarily photograph couples in love and their weddings under the name Allie Bennett - Wedding Photographer. Wedding weekends and destinations are my specialty.